Martin Robison Delany 200th Birthday Anniversary

Schedule of Events

Date                       February 29, 2012 -Wednesday

Activity                 Martin Delany Essay/Media Contest

8th and 10th grade students invited to submit either an essay or media project (music recording, video) on the life of Delany.  $75.00 awards to two 8th grade entries and two 10th grade entries.

Contact James Surkamp @ 261-7911 or Antoinette Ringgold @ 304-728-6576

Date                       May 3, 2012 –  Thursday

Activity                 County Proclamation

At the regular Jefferson  County Commission meeting the Commission will  issue a proclamation recognizing and endorsing the Martin Delany Commemoration Celebration.

Date                       May 5, 2012 – Saturday   2-4pm

Activity                 Forum – Delany’s early years, life in Charles Town

A discussion on the life of Delany in Charles Town before his family was force to flee to Chambersburg, PA

Location               Fishermen Hall    340 South West Street, Charles Town, WV

Date                       May 6, 2012 – Sunday   3pm

Activity                 Delany Birthday Party (200 years)

The official Delany 200th Anniversary  birthday cake will be cut. Local, county and state officials will be invited to participate along with any descendants. The Martin Delany Essay/Media Contest winners will be announced. Party is free and open to the public.

Location               Star Lodge #1 Masonic  Hall    240 S. Lawrence St. (Delany Place), Charles Town, WV

Contact Maurice Ballard @ 304-820-6236

Date                       May 18, 2012 – Friday 7pm

Activity                 Martin Delany(History Alive)

Joe Bundy will present his History Alive presentation of Martin Delany, followed by a question and answer session. Bundy will also give his presentation at one of local school during the day.

Location               Fishermen Hall also at one of the local school during the afternoon.

Contact James Tolbert @ 304-725-7852

Date                       May 18, 2012 – Friday 8am            

Activity                 The 1st Annual Martin R. Delany’s  Scholarship Golf Tourney

                                Profit from the tourney will be used to fund the Martin R. Delany’s  Scholarship Fund

Location               Locust Hill Golf Club  –  Charles Town, WV

Contact Maurice Ballard 304-820-6236 or   

Date                       May 18, 2012 – Monday 7pm

Activity                 Forum – Delany life between leaving Charles Town (1822) and the beginning of the Civil War (1861). Relationship with Frederick Douglass and John Brown. His role as an author and editor.

Location               CT Library Lower level

Contact James Surkamp @  304- 261-7911

Date                        TBA

Activity                 Delany’s Room Dedication

The American Public University System(APUS)will dedicate a room in honor of Delany at the APUS building at North George Street in Charles Town, WV

Contact John Hough

Date                       August 17, 2012 – Friday  6pm

Activity                 Descendants’ reception and birthday party

Location               County grounds, Corner of East Washington & North Samuel St. Charles Town

Contact Lyn Widmyer (304- ******* )

Date                       August 17 -19, 2012

Activity                 20th Annual African American Culture & Heritage Festival

The festival is being dedicated in honor to Delany.  Descendants are invited to participate in the annual parade that will take place on Saturday at 12 noon which take place down the main street in Charles Town.  Educational, health, vendors, food, festive and other activities will take place at the festival ground located at 301 South Lawrence St. Charles Town.

Contact Warren Stewart 304-229-7248 

Date                       September 15, 2012 – Saturday

Activity                 Placing of historical markers

A wayside exhibit will be place near Delany’s birth site. A historical sign will be placed within the central city limit. This is part of the Annual Charles Town Heritage  Days activities                     

Location               The 200 block of West Liberty Street in Charles Town

Contact Doug Perks 304- 725-2208

Date                       September 17, 2012 – Monday 7pm

Activity                 Forum – Delany life during and after the Civil War 1861 – 1885

                                Will cover the Civil War, the reconstruction era, politics, masonic, death

Location               Star Lodge #1 (240 South Lawrence Street)

Contact James Taylor 304-725-7242

Date                       November 19, 2012-  Monday 7pm

Activity                 Film presentation  This is a film on the life of Delany that was produced by Jim Surkamp

Location               Fishermen Hall

Contact James Tolbert 304-725-7852



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